Rules To Invest By
incentive.gif (2799 bytes) Don't let your broker's commissions determine your investments!
signhere.gif (4458 bytes) Careful, where you put your signature. The next time you see it, it might be used against you.
signhere.gif (4458 bytes) If you don't ask the right questions, and keep your broker on his toes, you will be the sucker!
Read it first Read Everything First! The fine print can be the most important information on the page.
believe.jpg (3913 bytes) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
twoface.jpg (3812 bytes) Don't be afraid to ask questions about your broker. Ask for references, or contact your State's Department of Corporations to see his CRD
whisper.jpg (5257 bytes) Don't rely on hot tips or secret information. If you act on nonpublic information, you will forfeit any profits and face legal problems.
advice.jpg (4540 bytes) If you have a problem, seek competent legal advice immediately. Remember time is always on the broker's side.
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