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Financial & Investor Related Links:
Our link library features connections to all the major financial exchanges and markets. We also have an extensive list of international exchanges and markets. Our Investors links are the perfect starting point to surf the web for company information and financial information. Just click and go!

Legal Links:
Need to find a library or legal newsgroups. Here at the ninth hole, we have in excess of 500 legal connections to law related sites on the web. Forget the search engines for now. Start here and work your way through this site to get the information you want. We are adding connections all the time and the odds are that if you start here, you will find what your looking for at one of our connections. The ninth hole features regional, national, local and international legal connections.

Search Engines on the Internet:
Your short cut to the major search engines, meta-search engines and white page services on the Internet. They are not all alike. Some engines perform better than others depending on what you are searching for. If you want content, then visit a meta-search engine. These monsters are packed with several of the major search engines and are excellent sources of volume. If you need an address or a telephone number in the United States, then the on-line white pages are the place to check out first. Locate an old college roommates email address. If you can't find yourself at one, then register when you get there.

Cyberspace Dictionary:
Need to know the net. Check out some of the most common Internet terms here.

Future Dictionary:
Need to know some obscure future, commodities or option term. One click away --> Click Here.

Investment Terms:
A brief dictionary with several financial terms. Click Here to go to the ninth hole's financial terms-dictionary.

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